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We propose expert development services in several areas of computer science.

Connected Architectures

After 9 years developping scalable systems and web applications, our team can help you setup the perfect stack for your project, whatever your ambition.

Advanced Online Apps

We are front-end experts with high skills in Applied Mathematics, we know how to take the best out of Javascript to perform heavy computation right here, in your browser.

3D Computer Graphics

We have built some of the most advanced online 3D softwares, and contributed to high end products in modeling, realistic rendering, 3D printing and more.

Software Project Management

Step by step to your project success : from specification to implementation, and even recruitment of skilled collaborators.

R&D Project Management

Our academic background and experiences make us comfortable with various research topics and collaboration with research labs.

Artificial Intelligence

As breakthrough technologies in Machine Learning may be the next revolution, we recently acquired AI skills to support our customers in the use of those tehcnologies.


Some of our projects.


by Dioxygen

Coding with no code

Dualbox 3D

by Dioxygen

3D Products Configurators

Capsule Sketch

by Maxime Quiblier

A Minimalist 3D Modeling Software

STL Viewer

by Dioxygen

Online raytracer for STL


by Prodways

3D printed insoles

Formal Proof Interfaces

by Ecole Polytechnique

Helper for mathematicians


by Ecole Polytechnique

Implicit Surfaces & SDF in three.js

Predictive Maintenance

by ******

AI Augmented Factories


Overview of our story.

  • 2013-2015

    Our first steps as a team

    We launched our first products together. Skimlab and Jweel were among the most technical systems on the web at the time. We learned to master huge connected data sets and digged into Javascript arcans to reach impressive in-browser performances.

  • November 2015

    First challenge, Scientifeet

    The Dioxygen Team is taken onboard by Prodways Group to speed up the product development of Scientifeet. A successful MVP is developped in less than 3 months.

  • June 2016

    The idea of Dualbox

    With Scientifeet, we realized how powerful people can be when using the right tools. How could we empower non programmers to write production-ready applications ?

  • May 2017

    Dioxygen Software is officially created

    First clients on Dualbox and the need of a stable structure lead to the creation of the company. Our purpose : help you unleash the power of computer science.

  • 2018-2019

    Recognized Experts

    As more and more clients are adopting Dualbox and Dualbox 3D, our expertise is also used on several smaller projects, while we continue to provide long term support to our historical clients.

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Our Founders

Behind the scenes, passionate men at work.

S├ębastien Najjar

Maxime Quiblier

We both believe that softwares should make life easier. We teamed up to contribute to this goal, and would be glad to talk about your projects and ideas.

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